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AC Service for All Makes and Models

We are air conditioning repair service professionals in Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding areas with more than 20 years of experience providing air conditioning services to home and commercial customers throughout Clark County area. We’re a team of NATE-certified, experienced professionals committed to keeping your home or business comfortable all year long.

With a focus on relationships and workmanship, SureTech Heating & Cooling LLC makes the places you love to spend your time more comfortable, more efficient and healthy. We are locally owned, operated, and fully licensed HVAC contractors.

Your Trusted AC Repair Service in Vancouver, WA

SureTech Heating & Cooling has chosen for its customers the most well-known and reputable air conditioning manufacturers in the HVAC market, including Coleman, Daikin, and Lennox. We can assist you with a new air conditioning system and you will have peace of mind knowing your new air conditioning system in your home or business is being handled by AC experts who are well-known in Vancouver, WA for offering outstanding air conditioning service.

The SureTech Heating and Cooling Difference

Our reputation among consumers in Vancouver, Washington is built on our commitment to providing top-notch customer service, competitive pricing, and an honest way of doing business. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide expert advice on maintaining your HVAC system.
From ac installation to ac maintenance and ac repairs, we handle every aspect of your heating and cooling needs. We specialize in both central air systems and ductless mini options, making us your one-stop-shop for all HVAC services.


24/7 Emergency Service Available. For an immediate need, please call (360) 305-3690.

AC Service Satisfaction Guaranteed

SureTech Heating & Cooling will go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our AC service. We will tirelessly work to make your cooling system the best it can be. We stand behind our work and make it right before we are done.

Trained and Certified AC Technicians

Fast Dependable AC Service

AC Installation

Starting with a comprehensive inspection, our team ensures a smooth and efficient air conditioner installation process. We offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs and provide a complete warranty for our work.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your air conditioning system. Our maintenance plan includes regular inspections and tune-ups, ensuring your system is always at its best.

HVAC Repairs

When your AC stops working, you need a service that is prompt, reliable, and can get the job done right. That’s where we come in. Our team is skilled in repairing heat pumps, central air units, and more, often completing repairs within hours of your call.

Air Quality

We’re passionate about not just keeping your space cool, but also ensuring you have clean, natural air to breathe. We offer solutions to improve your indoor air quality, from air purifiers to duct cleaning.
coleman air conditioning model

Seasonal Central Air & Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance Services

Are you in need of air conditioning service? When summer in Vancouver, WA is around the corner, your AC is the main weapon to fight the scorching heat and keep you relaxed and cool. You have obviously kept your AC well-maintained for the season, and we are happy to know that. However, more often than not, issues with air conditioning occur when you’re least prepared.

An outdated or defective air conditioner is usually pushed beyond its capacity on a hot day. A minor fault in the ac system can easily become a bigger problem, and not only will it cost you money for repair, but also your family’s comfort and health. This is why it’s important to periodically check in on and maintain your air conditioning unit and give it a little TLC. Preventative maintenance is highly recommended to keep your ac unit running at peak performance.

Important Signs Your Air Conditioning System is in Need of Service

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cool Air

One of the most obvious signs that indicate there are potential repairs your AC might need is when it stops blowing out cool air. There could be a range of possible reasons resulting in hot air coming from your vents, including a broken compressor, low/leaking refrigerant, duck issue, or a short circuit. Whatever the cause, you should address it before there is a full ac system breakdown. The first thing that most people do is clean their air conditioner’s filter, probably the simplest and cheapest solution. If this doesn’t seem to work, it’s better not to try out DIY fixes and rather leave the repairs to a air conditioning repair experts like us in Vancouver, WA.

Unusual Noises from Air Conditioner

It’s normal for your air conditioning unit to produce low-level sound when you turn it on or off. If your AC is running properly, but you hear bizarre noises coming out of it, including rattling, grinding, scraping, whistling, screeching, clanging, high-pitched hissing, or squealing, this is a good warning of an underlying problem with your air conditioner. Such strange sounds can indicate an electrical issue, loose part, refrigerant leak, problem with the fan’s belt, high-pressure buildup in your home’s cooling system, or something more serious. Regardless, prolonging this problem will only make it worse. Get your system checked ASAP and keep it turned off until the HVAC contractor arrives.

Air is Coming Out with a Moldy Smell

A strong, musty odor coming out of your air conditioner is not a good sign. Unpleasant smells can indicate pest infiltration, burned-out wire insulation, or dirty or clogged evaporator coils. It is important for you to get your cooling unit diagnosed as this might put your and your family’s health at risk.

Utility Your Costs in Vancouver WA Going Up?

Running your cooling system the same amount you did last year but noticing a big difference in your electricity bills? This means there is a drop in the efficiency levels of your air conditioning unit due to old age or some other reason, and it needs to get looked over.

See what our happy HVAC Customers have to say

Based on 91 reviews
Kristina Leigh
Kristina Leigh
We waited almost a year to choose this company for our installation. When we did they did not hike up the quote due to covid. They honored the cost and time frame of install. Once installed, we noticed the ac ws not working. I was able to call the owner. I didn't have to go through phone prompts or leave messages. He answered right away. He sent Jario out and got us fixed up right before the big heat wave. Jarno was a refreshing kid with such great professionalism. He even tolerated my large loud dogs. We had to call again to then fix the heat. To be clear none of our issues was due to the system. It was the thermostat. The reason for the 5 stars is there exceptional customer service. Due to two service calls, they just upgraded my thermostat at no charge. There are still family owned companies who really do care. I would refer them over and over again.
Paul Krane
Paul Krane
Great people. Called, they answered, always a good sign. They were able to come out the same day, which was unexpected but very much appreciated. Polite and resolved the issue quickly. Always great to work with a local company.
Dr. Tal Cohen
Dr. Tal Cohen
Justin came in, took time to give me the best recommendations for my space, and made suggestions that helped me to save money. He replaced our old furnace, added a few ducts, and an AC. He even adjusted the older ducts and came in and checked again to make sure that everything is working properly. Thank you Justin for a professional and friendly service!
Thomas Byers
Thomas Byers
It was a pleasure working with SureTech Heating and Cooling LLC. The service was excellent. I would recommend the business to anyone needing HVAC assistance.
Ben T
Ben T
Jairo was awesome! Quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced the part promptly, so we could have our heat back on after the recent snow storm! After he was finished, he pointed out a potential future problem with inducer and offered a fair rate to replace (no pressure). I agreed and was surprised when he showed me the corroded seal and rust inside the old part. The furnace is now running QUIETLY (no more rattling whine). This is my new go to for Heat/Air maintenance. Thanks Jairo!
Susan O'Hare
Susan O'Hare
This company is THE BEST!! We have had another company trying to figure out our AC slow leak for two years. Finally we contacted Sure Tech, and Justin sent Jiro out. He immediately found the problem, and ordered the part to fix it. Today the repair was made, and AC is working perfectly! We will never call anyone else for our heating and cooling problems!!
Holly Blankenship
Holly Blankenship
This Business is AMAZING!! I saw their 5 star reviews and chose them to fix my heat pump. Their Technician Jairo came to work on our furnace on his day off. He was Amazing, so professional and had such a wonderful calm demeanor. He was very sensitive to my anxiety about the cost of the work, and was very thoughtful about making sure we were happy with the cost of things. If you are unsure of who to call when you have heating or cooling needs, I highly recommend SureTech heating and cooling.
Jiro was professional, quick, and kind. I would absolutely call on them again!
Leah Ann Sperl
Leah Ann Sperl
Excellent service. And very thorough. Best annual checkup I’ve had in five years. A little pricier but worth it.

Our Vancouver HVAC Services

Furnace Repair

Commercial & residential heating services, 24/7 emergency service available in Vancouver

Furnace Replacement

Over 20 years of experience installing all types of furnaces, from basic models to high-efficiency units.

Air Conditioning Installation

We install new air conditioning systems from popular brands such as, Coleman, Daikin, and Lennox.

Air Conditioning Repair

We pride ourselves on providing air conditioning repair services in Vancouver WA.

Heat Pump Services

Heat pump maintenance, repairs, and installation of new heating and air conditioning systems in Vancouver WA.

Air Purification

SureTech Heating & Cooling LLC for all your indoor air quality needs.

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24/7 Emergency Service Available. For an immediate need, please call (360) 305-3690.