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Ductless Heat Pumps

We can repair your furnace,  electric wall or ceiling heat and when you are ready to upgrade to the most efficient system available, we can install a ductless heat pump reducing your energy bill and increasing your comfort level year round by providing the most efficient heating and cooling option available. Furthermore, ductless provides individual room zoning control as well. Get a free quote and save money on your heat bill today!

Furnace repair, maintenance and installation.

If your gas furnace has a metal flue we can save you at least 15% on your gas bill and at least 60% on the electrical consumption of your furnace. A two stage 96+ efficient furnace with an ECM blower motor will increase your homes comfort and reduce your energy consumption significantly. We install, maintain and repair Oil and Electric furnaces as well. Get a free quote and save money on your heating bill today!


High Efficiency equipment is great but if 50% of the heat created is being pushed into the crawl space or attic the critters may be happier than you or your heating bill. We can test your ductwork to make sure it’s properly sized and the heat is being delivered where designed. As a Clark PUD partner we have access to duct sealing rebates that others don’t. Get a free quote and save money on your heat bill today!


The mechanical equipment in a restaurant is essential to the business, Through preventative maintenance, replacement and repair, we can help your refrigeration equipment run the way it was designed so you can focus on running your business. Get a free quote and save money on refrigeration today!

Heat pumps/Air conditioning install maintenance and repair

If you have a heat pump and it stops working you may not know it because the electric back up heat will kick in and do the job. Although this will keep you warm the electric bill could give you the chills. With a heat pump you enjoy air conditioning in the summer as well. Call us today so we can make sure your system is running as designed. With an upgraded thermostat we can limit the backup heat saving enough money to pay for the new thermostat in the first year. Get a free quote and save money on your heating bill today!


Through regular maintenance we can greatly reduce breakdowns and significantly increase the life of your heating system. Many times when a heat pump stops working the home owners don’t know until they receive their next utility bill. With regular maintenance we take some ownership in the reliability of your system with a discount on our service if the system does brake, and a discount when it becomes time to replace it. Get a free quote and save money on your heat bill today!

Air Quality products

Air quality is often overlooked in the design of a comfort system even though we spend much of our time indoors. Employees concentration, number of
sick days, and productivity are greatly effected by poor indoor air quality. An HRV in a commercial space can greatly reduce the amount of heating and cooling your building needs saving tons of money on utility bills while creating a healthy, more productive work environment for your staff. Ask us how. Whether it’s air filtration, fresh air replacement, humidity control, or air and surface treatment we have options that will meet both your air purification and budget needs. Get a free quote and create a healthy air environment for your customers and staff today!


Many people live with an uncomfortable, unhealthy home climate. Is your basement cold, up stairs like a sauna in the summer, and that new addition is only enjoyable spring or fall? Many duct systems are installed with little thought to how it effects the comfort of the home in the different seasons. Standard equipment is single speed, sized to condition your entire home in the coldest season making it very difficult, or impossible to deliver conditioned air to the rooms that need it most without overheating other areas of the home. Could you imagine comfortably driving your car if all you had was full throttle and off?

Heating systems have evolved and are now variable like the throttle on your car allowing us to produce smaller amounts of heat or cool where you need it and not where you don’t. This results in a much more comfortable home while using a fraction of the energy of single speed systems. Contact us for a free quote and get comfortable today! We can help make your home, the place you love the most, love you back.

Emergency Service

It’s no fun when your mechanical systems decide to die. This usually happens during extreme conditions of heat or cold. This means everyone’s system died at once making it difficult to get a heating contractor out to fix it in a timely manner. We have shorter than average response times and with regular maintenance, you go to the front of the line. Our tech’s are trained to a higher standard of integrity and technical knowledge. We require our tech’s to be NATE certified and attend at least 16 hour of continued education per year so they have the knowledge to fix your system right the first time. Call us to “fix my heat” today!


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