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Have You Thought of a Heat Pump for Heat Installation?

There was a time when a heating installation using a heat pump was considered as inefficient in providing the degree of heat that many homes in Vancouver, WA, needed. However, over the last decade, there have been huge advancements in the technology of heat pumps. Becoming one of the most efficient HVAC systems that we have on the market, heat pumps are not just reasonably priced but also are perfect for the chilled winters in Vancouver, WA. If you’re looking to upgrade your heat pump or get a new one installed, you should know what all benefits are in store for you.

A Few Benefits Using a Heat Pump for Heat Installation

Provides Both Heating & Cooling

One of the greatest benefits of using a heat pump for heating installation is that it works both as an AC and a heater. With a heat pump, you get to enjoy a warm room during cold winter months and beat the heat in summer. All you have to do is adjust the thermostat settings and put it on the desired mode to suit your needs. It works as efficiently as any air conditioning unit of equivalent size, plus it allows you to save money by giving you the comfort of two appliances in one.

Heat Pumps Last a Long Time

The average lifespan of a heat pump is 20 years, which is way more than traditional heating and cooling systems. However, as with any other appliance, it makes sense to keep the heat pump in good condition and give them a little TLC once in a while. A professional HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, can inspect, clean and perform maintenance on a yearly basis to increase the life of your heating system.

Low Carbon Emissions

Today, people not just want to live a comforting life, but they want to live responsibly by contributing to the environment. A heating installation using a heat pump is environment-friendly; hence when you get one installed, you have, in a way, played a significant role in keeping the earth healthy and sustainable. Heat pumps help to reduce your carbon footprint as combustion is not used to produce heat. With heat pumps, there are absolutely no carbon emissions except those created for the generation of electricity.

Improves the Overall Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps do not use combustion for the production of heat, so there is no circulation of smoke in the air. Plus, the air filters in a heat pump helps to combat dust, mold, smoke, bad odor, and other pathogens making the indoor air healthy, clean, and fresh. No wonder most people in Vancouver, WA, who struggle with asthma and allergies, have got a heating system installed by SureTech Heating & Cooling LLC.
ductless mini split heat pump

Ductless mini split heat pump models that have earned the ENERGY STAR are identified in the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)

Used for decades in Europe and Asia, “ductless” mini-split heat pumps differ from traditional home heating and cooling systems by:

  • Providing both heating installation and cooling through a single device – a heat pump. Heat pumps have been used, mainly in Southern climates, for decades.
  • Avoiding ductwork. Instead of difficult-to-install, leaky and bulky ductwork, ductless mini-split heat pumps use an indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit via refrigerant lines (which only need a three-inch hole in an outdoor wall for installation). Up to 8 indoor units can be attached to one outdoor unit.
  • Allowing for Different Climates for Each Room. Each indoor unit can provide customized heating and cooling — adjustable through wall consoles, remote controls and smart phone apps — in each conditioned space.
  • Cutting heating costs in half compared to conventional electric heating systems.  Because they transfer instead of generate heat, ENERGY STAR certified ductless mini-split heat pumps use 60% less energy than standard home electric resistance-based heating systems. 
  • Cutting cooling costs by 30% compared to conventional room air conditioners.  ENERGY STAR certified ductless min-split heat pumps use more sophisticated compressors and fans that can adjust speeds to save energy.

Many homeowners hesitate to use natural gas power to operate a heater due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and it’s a fair concern. However, a pump heating installation does not burn fossil fuels to produce heat, allowing you to take the benefits of energy-efficient heating. Plus, it doesn’t become hot on the outside while heating, making it super safe to use.

Still not sure about getting a heating system installed in your home? No worries; contact Suretech Heating & Cooling LLC today to learn more. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we are dedicated to serving all your heating and cooling service needs in Vancouver, WA, and nearby areas.

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