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What can I check if my furnace stops working before calling for service.

Check your air filter about every 3 months and replace if you can’t see light through it. Have no more than one layer of air filters. If there is an air filter at the return side of your furnace don’t put a second one at your return air grill or vise versa, as this will block to much air flow. Open/uncover all supply and return air grills. Check your thermostat for the correct set point and system settings. Find the breaker labeled furnace in electrical panel and cycle off for 30 seconds then back on. If none of this works it may be time for us to come check it out. Call us today for heat repair fast.

How can I lower my heating bill?

Turning down your thermostat, clean air filters, open supply and return grills can all save a good amount of money. Regular maintenance, smart thermostats, efficient heating equipment, sealed insulated ductwork, insulating the homes exterior, sealing gaps and cracks in your homes exterior, heat recovery ventilators, can all significantly reduce energy usage and increase comfort.

What is a ductless heat pump?

A ductless heat pump is similar to a traditional heat pump. A heat pumps outdoor units job is simply to pump hot or cold refrigerant into an indoor coil located in the furnace, air handler or fan coil. The main differences are that while a traditional heat pump can only supply heat to one indoor unit, a ductless heat pump has a variable speed capacity, turning up or down and can supply heat or cool to one or several indoor units all at once or one at a time as needed. The indoor units are called fan coils as that’s pretty much all it is, a heating coil that the outdoor unit makes hot in the winter or cold in the summer and a fan to blow air across that coil to transfer the energy into the home. A ductless fan coil is mounted in the house and has no ductwork connected to it. This is why its called ductless.

A simple single zone ductless system may consist of one wall mount fan coil high on the wall in the main living area of a home facing toward the hallway. This would heat the main living area and keep the bedrooms within 3-5 degrees of the rest of the home. This scenario would be best to have another form of heat in the bedrooms such as wall, or ceiling heat as a back up source of heat.

A more advanced system would have several indoor fan coils all hooked to one outdoor unit. This provides individually controlled zoning at each indoor unit.  An example would be a larger fan coil installed in the main living area of a home and a smaller fan coil in each of the bedrooms.  An open basement area and attic space may have their own fan coil as well. This provides individual or zoned control of every room and each floor that contains a fan coil as they are all individually controlled. This makes ductless ideal for multi level houses. Maintaining an equal temperature in the basement and in the attic is impossible no more!

There are ducted fan coils for ductless heat pumps as well. A full system could consist of a wall mount fan coil for a basement or game room, another wall mount fan coil for the main living area, and a ducted fan coil installed in an attic, crawlspace or closet with ductwork installed to several bedrooms. All three fan coils would be connected to one outdoor unit. This would allow the basement to be turned off when not in use, the bedrooms turned down during the day, and the main living space turned down at night when not in use. Providing heat where and when you need it greatly increases comfort and saves money as you heat less square footage.

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“Justin has helped me out on several occasions not only with our commercial air conditioning he is also helped with our walk in coolers. His prices are reasonable and he has helped us out on short notice. Suretech rocks!”

Justin is professional from the start. He has great pricing and does superb work. Justin is very knowledgeable and wont try to get you to buy things you dont need. I would recommend him to anyone needing HVAC installs or service

If you need HVAC fix or a new system make sure you check out Justin Brown and SureTech Heating. He is VERY knowledgeable, kind, thorough, and reasonably priced. Area Heating installed a shotty system in my home 10 years ago and have been back 8 times to try and fix it…………..Justin had the root of the problem diagnosed in 15 minutes and was able to get my system back up and running within a few hours. All of my future HVAC needs will be with SURETECH HEATING!!!!!!!!!